Results of Bute Agricultural Society Ploughing Match held on
26 November 2016  at Gallachan Farm,Kingarth Bute
(by kind permission of Mr & Mrs R McAlister, Langalbuinoch)

Judge:  Mr H Currie, Mauchline


Best Lot by John Deere Tractor - JOHN DEERE TROPHY - I Mair, Cumnock

Best Lot by MF Tractor – HAMILTON CUP - T McMillan, Eskechraggan

Best Hired Ploughman – J.D. McMILLAN CUP - R Anderson,Cumnock

Best Lot by a Juvenile – JOHN  McMILLAN MEMORIAL CUP - I Crawford Jnr, Stuck

Best Lot over 10” – McFIE CUP - R Anderson, Cumnock

Best Lot under 10” – McMILLAN MEMORIAL CUP - T McMillan, Eskechraggan

Best Lot by Vintage Outfit – ARCHIE FERGUSON MEMORIAL CUP - T McMillan, Eskechraggan

Best of all other classes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7  - T McMillan, Eskechraggan

Best lot by Bute entrant - Special Prize by James Bilsland - T McMillan, Eskechraggan

Best Lot – CHAMPIONSHIP and R.H.A.S.S.  MEDAL - R Anderson, Cumnock

Best Start - J McMillan, Little Barone
Best Finish -  T McMillan, Eskechraggan
Straightest Lot - R Anderson, Cumnock
Most Level Lot - R Anderson, Cumnock
Best Ins and Outs - I Livingstone, Acholter
Best Lot by B.J.A.C. Member - I Crawford Jnr, Stuck
Best Kept Tractor - T McMillan, Eskechraggan
Best Lot by Ford Tractor - J Somerville, Kingarth


Class 2 (High Cutters) – 1st D Anderson, Hurlford; 2nd A Meikle, Darvel;
3rd A Robertson, Ballycurrie;;

Class 3 (Grey Ferguson and Ferguson Plough) – 1st I Livingstone, Acholter;
2nd R Copland, Dumfries

Class 4 (8”- 10” Double Furrow Plough) – 1st T McMillan, Eskechraggan;
2nd W McMillan Jnr, Cranslagloan; 3rd JM Somerville, Rothesay

Class 5 (Over 10” Double Furrow Ransome Plough) – 1st J McMillan, Little Barone; 2nd JW Somerville, Kingarth; 3rd J Johnstone, Rothesay

Class 6 (Over 10” Double Furrow any other make Plough) -1st W Tweedley

Class 7 (Three or more furrows 12” or more) – 1st C Douglas, Skelmorlie

Class 8 (Reversible) – 1st R Anderson, Cumnock; 2nd I Mair, Cumnock; 3rd D McKendrick, Campbeltown

Class 9 (Demonstrators) – G MacKay, Hamilton Bros

Class10 (Juniors – age 13-17 – 2 furrows mounted) – 1st I Crawford Jnr, Stuck
Photographs HERE