Kingarth and Kilchattan Bay Improvements Committee is a voluntary group which operates for the benefit of the community in the South End of the Isle of Bute. The committee was originally set up to rescue The Old Pier at Kilchattan Bay, which had fallen into a severe state of disrepair, it has now taken on a wider role in serving the community.

Members take an active part in maintaining paths, beach-cleaning, provision and maintenance of picnic benches etc. The group receives no regular funding. Projects have been funded by grants, money-raising barbecues, and donations from, in the main, local residents, holiday-home owners and visiting boat owners.

The final stage of the pier restoration was completed in summer 2004, making this historic stone quay a more attractive focal point for the village as well as a vital facility for the ever-growing number of boat-users and tourists attracted to the area.

Below are a series of photographs illustrating some of the projects undertaken by the Committee over the years.

Office-bearers for 2017 are:

Chairperson: Elizabeth McFarlane

Secretary:Tilly Champ

Treasurer: Margaret Lamb

Minute Secretary : Margaret Lamb